More than two thirds of the European population lives in urban areas. Cities are places where both problems emerge and solutions are found. They are fertile ground for science and technology, for culture and innovation, for individual and collective creativity, and for mitigating the impact of climate change.

Johannes Hahn

INDICATE will support stakeholders in the transition towards smart cities by providing an interactive decision support tool for urban planning and design. The tool will assess the interactions between urban objects and spaces, buildings, the electricity grid, renewable technologies and ICT and recommend options for optimising infrastructure, installing technology, and providing cost effective utility services.


In ‘The Century of the City’ there are many converging factors influencing the debate around urban energy consumption and efficiency including:


‘Smart’ technologies are seen as a major technological step forward with respect to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of urban systems.


The INDICATE Virtual City Model (VCM) will be both a free tool and a commercial tool; here is a scenario to illustrate how this will work.



This project is supported by  the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme
Grant Agreement no. 608775