Aidan Melia presented a paper at the CISBAT Conference on Future Buildings and Districts; Sustainability from Nano to Urban Scale, on 10th September 2015 (


The paper title ‘INDICATE: Towards the development of a virtual city model, using a 3d model of Dundalk City’, presented the overall INDICATE project and discussed the early results from the Dundalk test site and the associated 3D dynamic simulation urban model. The paper outlined the following:


  • How this model was used to analyse the impact of refurbishment for a select number of buildings in Dundalk, with metered data available; 
  • How the model was used to understand energy use and optimise efficiency at building and district level; and
  • An outline of the indicators developed through the INDICATE project and how these were applied to understand the effects of the changes to the individual buildings, the district and also within the overall urban context.