SPECIAL Project: (www.special-eu.org)

Spatial planning has a key part to play in creating urban environments that support less energy-intense lifestyles and communities, and spatial and urban planners have a pivotal role in developing energy strategies and action plans. The SPECIAL (Spatial Planning and Energy for Communities In All Landscapes) project has been set up to help bridge the gap between climate change/energy action planning and spatial and urban planning.

SPECIAL is funded by Intelligent Energy Europe and is an exciting partnership between eight Town Planning Associations (TPAs) and planning authorities from across Europe. It is a three-year programme with a focus on spatial planning for the deployment of local energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) is the lead partner, with partner TPAs and planning authorities in Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, and Sweden.

The project has been set up to help the TPAs and planning authorities of the partner countries meet the EU’s challenging energy and climate change targets for 2020. It has several objectives relating to exchanging best practice and experience; promoting integrated renewable energy strategies; and building the capacity of the partner planning associations and authorities in the planning and delivery of renewable energy solutions. Most importantly, the partners must then share that learning through their professional networks and maximise the dissemination of their training to others, in a multiplier effect.

For an example of the energy use within a local authority area, see Anthony McNamara’s paper – Advancing evidence based energy policy in Ireland: A Spatial Energy Demand Analysis of South Dublin County - download at:  http://www.special-eu.org/assets/uploads/TCPA_SPECIAL_EP2.pdf

Upcoming Workshops:

The Special project team will be hosting the following workshops and will be well worth attending;

SPECIAL Module 8: Planning for a Low Carbon Society – National Planning Framework & Energy White Paper


SPECIAL Module 9: Evidence and Planning for Energy