The following Key Stakeholders have been identified as part of this project:

  • City Planners: including urban planners, public authorities & city authorities.
  • Developers: including building & district owners, main contractors, architects, energy efficiency professionals, engineers, designers, universities.
  • Renewable Energy Technology suppliers: including materials and solution manufacturers, R&D centres, & organizations providing energy retrofit solutions, devices, products, systems & tools for energy saving.
  • Potential Investor: this group includes banks, public & private investors.
  • Utility Companies: this group includes utility managers, energy suppliers, service providers, network managers & network owners.
  • Business Communities: this group includes business occupiers, representatives of business communities, public authorities and city authorities.
  • Public Communities: this group includes representatives of end user communities, public authorities & city authorities.

 For more information about the stakeholder process see Report 1.1., 1.2, and 1.4 in the downloads section of the INDICATE website - 


As part of ongoing stakeholder engagement activities INDICATE is consulting with stakeholders for feedback to help shape the "look and feel" of the final tool.  You are invited to fill out the survey, which follows below.  The filling out of the survey should take 10 minutes.  Thank you very much for your time and input.

Read more: Stakeholder Survey - Now Closed.


This project is supported by  the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme
Grant Agreement no. 608775